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Preparing Manuscripts

  1. Sample Manuscripts

For reference, sample of manuscripts are available from the homepage of the Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ).

  1. Manuscripts preparation:

An original manuscript consisted of 10-15 pages, written in English and preferred to be proofread (if English is not author's first language) is accepted to be submitted to our journal.

Submissions may be formatted in single and a half (1.5) spacing, preferably in Times New Roman size 12 font. All accepted manuscripts will be correctly formatted for publication.

The text of the manuscript should include the following: Title, Abstract & Keywords, Introduction, Main Body, Method (if applicable), Results & discussion (if applicable), Conclusions, and References.

Template (Word) for our journal is available here, should you wish to use one. Although the templates will allow you to estimate the total number of pages if typed in single and a half (1.5) line spacing, it is not essential that you use one, since all accepted articles will, as stated above, be correctly formatted for publication by MECSJ Publisher.

  1. Conference Papers:

If your submitted manuscript depends on a conference paper, it is significant that you take care of the accompanying points:

The submitted manuscript must have been substantially revised, extended and reworked with the goal that it is significantly different from the conference paper or presentation on which it is based. The manuscript must be adequately unique to make it another, unique work. As a guide, you should intend to have over half (50%) new material. This involves judgment and will be founded on an examination of the submitted manuscript with the primary conference paper.

The original conference paper ought to be provided by the author with the extended manuscript for the purpose of comparison.

Every single such manuscript will be dependent upon a similar review process as any other submitted manuscripts.

Please incorporate the statement 'This article is a revised and expanded version of a paper entitled [title] presented at [name, location and date of conference]' in the online system when you submit your paper on the "Notes for the Editor" field in the Online Submission section.

On the off chance that the original conference paper on which the extended manuscript is based has been published somewhere else, or the copyright has been assigned to the conference coordinators or another party, authors ought to guarantee that they have cleared any vital consents with the copyright proprietors. Manuscripts will not be acknowledged, post-review, and accepted for publication except if such written permissions have been provided along with author copyright forms.

  1. Content order and Formatting:

Details about requested content (Title, Abstract & Keywords, Introduction, Main Body, Method (if applicable), Results & discussion (if applicable), Conclusions, and References) and formatting styles are described in Author Guideline.



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