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Copyright and Author Entitlement

Publishing Copyright:

In accordance with academic and professional protocols, Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ)  cannot accept an article if it is not the author's original work, has been published before (but see our notes regarding conference papers), or is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The article must not contain any libellous or unlawful statements or in any way infringe the rights of others. A full statement of our Ethical Guidelines for Authors is available. The author must be the owner of the copyright and be entitled to sign the Author Copyright Agreement. In submitting an article, the author complies with these conditions.

If a manuscript/paper is accepted for publication, the author's copyright agreements must be submitted via the online submission system, along with the accepted final version of the manuscript. Each author must sign a copyright agreement form (copyright agreement) after reading the explanatory notes below. Signatures of all authors may appear in a single form or sent in individual forms. Each form should list the names of all article authors under the article title at the top of the form, and should reflect the order in the article. We expect the corresponding author to be responsible for collecting and providing copyright from each author.

Author Copyright Agreement and Explanatory Notes

Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ) is entirely dedicated to the most astounding guidelines of publishing, established on thorough double-blind peer review. In all that we do, we work to guarantee the most extensive conceivable access to the articles that we publish, to upgrade the notoriety of the writer, the journal, its Editor and Editorial Board, and the value that we add as publisher in both online and printed forms.

For the purpose of doing this appropriately and professionally, we inquire authors of papers acknowledged for publication to consent to our Author Copyright Arrangement assigning(or transferring) copyright to Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ).

Transferring copyright represents a standard practice in journal publishing. This empowers us, as the publisher, to arrange backup licenses to database aggregators and record supply organizations, and enables authorizations to repeat articles in books, course packs, and electronic reserve or for library loan to be dealt with proficiently and with affectability to changing library and reader needs.

This eases authors of a tedious and exorbitant regulatory burden. It likewise empower us to enforce and defend authors' rights against copyright encroachment, plagiarism, unapproved use and, most significant for authors' professional reputation, break of authors' ethical rights.

Some common questions related to copyright and author entitlement:

What rights do authors hold?

What happens when the author doesn't claim copyright of the article?

What are the responsibilities of Author?

What occurs if there is more than one author?

See answers to these inquiries here (PDF).

Author Entitlement in Published Articles:

Authors of accepted manuscripts and papers to be published in our journal will get a PDF document of their published article. Printed copies of journal issues might be bought at an extraordinary cost for authors from:

However, authors can utilize their published articles and manuscripts for non-commercial purposes only in these ways:

1)      Posting the Author's Original: posting it on the Author's own or departmental site pages as well as institutional stores and additionally subject archives without ban and sharing it as much as wanted. Remember the importance of pursuing the licensing restrictions applied to all material copyrighted by Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ);

2)      Accepted Manuscript:

-          sharing the Accepted Manuscript internally just within their research groups, any time after publication

-          Posting the Accepted Manuscript on institutional storehouses and additionally subject archives, subject to a ban of a year after publication.

-          Posting the Accepted Manuscript on scholastic informal communities or web-based social networking, subject to a ban of two years after publication.

3)      Posting the Version of Record to a subject-based archive, for example, PubMed Central just in situations where a financing office giving the award to the research on which the Article is based requires this of the Author, upon condition that it shall not be accessible until following a half year from Multi-Knowledge Electronic Comprehensive Journal for Education and Science Publications (MECSJ)

4)      Utilizing the article in further research and in courses that the Author is instructing;

5)      Incorporating the article content in different works by the Author.

In all cases, acknowledgment as a full reference must be given to the journal as the first source of publication, together with a link to the journal page or potentially DOI when they are accessible.



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