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MECSJ Publications & Issues ( 29 ) , February ( 2020 )

Paper Paper Title Paper Field Author

Biometric Signal Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network

Information Technology Ahmed S. Hameed
Hend A. Elsayed 
Shawkat K. Guirguis
2 Analysis Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Computer and Information Sciences Mashael S. Maashi (PhD.)

The Impact of Knowledge Economy on Economic Growth for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the Period 1992-2018


Jihan Bousrih
Fatma Hasan
Tahani Balobaid 


The Discriminatory Nature of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

International Law Fahad Abdulrahman AlAsaker
5 The Impact of Education and Training on the Performance of the Manpower in the Ministry of Education to Increase the Productivity Management 


Dr. Mohammad Tawfeeq Alqudah   


Lossless Biometric Signal Compression

Information Technology  Nahidah Abdulhussein Kadim, 
Hend A. Elsayed,
 Shawkat K. Guirguis 

Text Document Clustering using Hashing Deep Learning Method

Information Technology Nahrain A. Swidan 
 Shawkat K. Guirguis
 Omar G. Abood, 
Ahmed S. Hameed
8 Measuring E-learning Readiness of the Students in Tishk International University Computer Science

Dena Rafaa Ahmed
Aws Y. Abed



The Impact of Instagram Uses by Saudi Businesswomen on Promoting the Creation and Management of Their Businesses


Business Management

Hanaa Mohammed Alghamdi

10 Culture of Safety Using Safety Huddles

Health and Safety

Ali Ibrahim Alqahtani


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